Why not

It’s four days before Christmas and my husband and I are currently living in an extended stay hotel; we’re in between homes at the moment after being on the road for two months…road warriors! Currently waiting to move into a new rental hopefully New Year’s Day. And let me just say house hunting is exhausting and I’m just a renter!

So times may seem uncomfortable for the moment, no house to decorate or fill with sweet aromas. And there won’t be any Christmas dinners to get prepared. But as I sit down at the little table adorned with a tabletop tree with my adult coloring book and colored pencils looking for a design to make festive with the seasonal colors of red and green I find myself at peace. Because right now, in the present moment everything is okay.

Sure things seems unstable but this is only temporary. I believe if one is putting forth an effort to be on the right path to finding their true happiness and purpose in life then the universe will present it’s way. And opportunities will come your way. It is up to you to stay present and conscious to fully reap the rewards. One will never know their strengths without failures.

So why not? Why not decide to make today the best day. Why not try and start this blog in the midst of challenges. Let’s conquer fear instead of letting it be the hand that pulls the string. One will never know their true gifts unless they start. It’s never too late to start something new. So why not own your story and share it with the world.